Apparently I’m a plucker – Part I

Hi guys! I’m back from an archery adventure with my partner-in-crime/bestfriend/girlfriend and I’m as fresh-faced and inspired as ever! We had a journey of discovery, interesting smells and campsite survival. I visited Merlin, scampered about amongst the oaks in Sherwood Forest and politely stormed the castles in Nottingham and Bolsover. We started our adventure at Merlin Archery, which … More Apparently I’m a plucker – Part I

Wax on, wax off

Okay, so before you go shooting the eye sockets on zombies you need to know a little bit about looking after your bow, so I’m gonna talk about how to string a recurve bow and also the importance of waxing the string regularly. This is really just the routine before you start shooting. Stringing the bow might … More Wax on, wax off

Gosh, I love arrows.

I’m gonna waffle affectionately about arrows now, or at least the three types I’ve been able to use so far. There aren’t exactly any strict rules about arrows, but it’s definitely worth R&D’ing to make sure you’ve got the best ones for your bow, otherwise you’ll end up not being able to hit the wide side … More Gosh, I love arrows.

From tip to bow-tom.

Firstly, not all of the title-puns are gonna be gold, okay? Secondly, I know I haven’t really talked about actually doing archery yet, just bows, which is what I’m gonna continue with today… I’m sorry! The archery is coming, I promise! We have to do the boring stuff before the flaming arrows show up. Assuming you know … More From tip to bow-tom.

Know yo’ bow – The different types of archery

Without going in to exactly how many different types of bow there are (a lot) the most common types in 2016 are probably recurve, compound, longbow and flatbow. Then you’ve got styles, like traditional and olympic. Recurve – The limbs point away from you and the bow looks a bit like a fancy moustache when it’s not strung. … More Know yo’ bow – The different types of archery